Most marketing textbooks list 6 macroenvironmental factors that affect how we do things inside our workplaces. I’ve augmented the dimensions to 15:

1. Psychographics: What’s going on in people’s minds? What drives folks?

2. Firmographics: What’s happening in the organizations we work for?

3. Behavioral: Observing what people do.

4. Demographics: Population, education, gender, religion, race, ethnic, nationality, etc.

5. Geographics: Where…local, state, regional, national or global?

6. Sociographics: Social networking, reference groups, etc.

7. Cultural: Norms, customs, ceremonial, symbolic, etc.

8. Legal: Consult an attorney.

9. Financial: Pro Formas, ratios, Annual Report, etc.

10. Economical: Prosperity, recession, depression, inflationary, etc.

11. Technological: Probably the most influential of all the dimensions…the latest breakthroughs to enhance our productivity.

12. Natural: Ecology, recycling, waste, energy, pollution, etc.

13. Political: Rules, regulations, policies, procedures…local, state, national, or global. Let’s see what Donald J. Trump (DJT), our newly-elected 45th President, can do.

14. Mediagraphics: How myriad advertising media influence our cognitive, conative (motivational), affective, and behavioral propensities.

15. Competition: We all know it’s real but, when all’s said and done, you’re really your worst competitor.

16. Health Crisis: How has the pandemic affected you?