Selling BY Objectives

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This book is dedicated to the millions of entrepreneurs and business owners trying to survive in these uncertain times.

One of the smartest ways to retool the economy is by selling more products and services to domestic and international markets. Therefore, the art of selling becomes a critical competitive advantage to organizations that want to sustain profitability over the long-term.

Selling is a common denominator for every business. No matter what business you are in, you must sell your product or services to customers.

Yet, the concept of selling is related to creating value for customers. In creating values, businesses need to focus on two major themes:

a) Under-Promise and Over-Deliver, which will provide repeat customers.
b) Rapid Response, which will focus attention on market forces and careful attention to customer issues will go a long way in building trust and integrity.

Given these realities, selling is a people-oriented business that addresses the customer value proposition. Therefore, an understanding of human behavior is pertinent and the ability to communicate well with various kinds of people is important. The field of selling can be very rewarding and exciting and for that reason, definite skills must be acquired in order for certain objectives to be met.

Effective selling should focus mainly on information gathering, presentation, commitment, and follow-through. 

Relationship skills can make or break the important connections built throughout that process. This is why some of the most effective businesses practice storytelling as part of their brand.

This book is a practical guide to help the business leader, salesperson, or individual immediately and continuously improve performance.

Dr. Jack McCann

Dean of the School of Business, Lincoln Memorial University Harrogate, TN

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